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Andrew McPeak

Author – Marching Off the Map

Growing Leaders


Andrew is a millennial speaker with a goal: teaching life and leadership skills to the next generation. In his role with Growing Leaders, he works closely with schools, universities, and sports teams to implement life and leadership skills via the “Habitudes” curriculum. As co-author of the book Marching off the Map, Andrew also helps educators better understand how to connect with and lead the newest generation.

Marching Off The Map: Inspire Students to Navigate a Brand New World

From decades of research and hands-on experience, Andrew McPeak and Dr. Tim Elmore collate their conclusions into one resource that helps adults inspire students to own their education and future and lead students from an attitude of apathy to one of passion.


  • Marching Off the Map: A Parent's Guide to Navigating Student Launch

    August 9, 2018 — 4:45 pm CDT

    The maps that once helped navigate students through adolescence are now producing graduates who are afraid of risk and unwilling to start at the bottom in their careers. In this session, we’ll share practical advice on how to help students trade apathy for passion, make healthy progress, and handle the complexities of an ever-changing world.

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