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Phylicia Masonheimer

Author, speaker, and online educator

Driven Women

August 10, 2018 — 3:15 pm CDT

Let’s get real: “big goals” don’t work. But that doesn’t mean your dreams will never be realized. Achieving your goals takes clarity, long-term planning, and regular daily investment. In this session, I’ll draw from lessons learned through my own failures and successes, teaching you the best ways to turn your dreams into reality.

About the Speaker

Phylicia believes it’s possible to be both productive and peaceful. She spent ten years studying her own habits and productivity, crafting the best systems to work for each season of her life, and loves helping people make more time for what they hold dear. Now Phylicia—mother of two—works from home, running her website (Driven Women) and equipping Christian women with powerful tools they need to lead a life that is productive, fruitful, and fulfilled.

Driven Women Productivity Course

The Driven Women Productivity Course is a grace-based, biblical approach to time management. The course is for any woman who feels like her lack of time management, self-control, or motivation is keeping her from accomplishing God's will for her life, career, marriage, or motherhood.

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