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5 Mistakes Parents and Students Make Planning for College

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Woody Robertson

Co-founder & CDO


August 10, 2018 — 1:00 pm CDT

College is supposed to set you up for success. But if you’re not careful, your college decisions could simply waste your time and drag you down with debt. Here are 5 of the worst college-planning mindsets—and how to avoid them.

About the Speaker

Woody is a homeschool graduate, passionate about reaching the next generation. He has lived out his personal mission—helping young adults successfully navigate life decisions—for over 15 years. An entrepreneur and visionary, Woody has also been a principal player in several startups, including co-founding Lumerit Education, a thriving company dedicated to helping students earn their bachelor’s degrees entirely debt free.

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Unbound is a Christian college program that helps you earn your bachelor’s degree without sacrificing the freedom you need to live your life. By cutting the college “extras,” Unbound allows you to spend less time—and money—on school and more time preparing for your future. We do this by replacing many of your expensive, rigid courses with affordable, flexible online courses designed to help you reach your goals beyond just college.

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