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Why I Didn’t Get a “Real” Job

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Josh Taylor

Entrepreneur & Video Creator

Blimey Cow

August 9, 2018 — 6:15 pm CDT

My path to becoming a full-time videomaker and YouTube contributor, and how you can succeed at your passion—even if it’s “weird.”

About the Speaker

Josh is the co-creator of Blimey Cow, an online video channel with over half a million followers. Each week Josh and his family discuss compelling topics—from rants about social media to sincere life advice for young adults—in a way that inspires both laughter and thought. Josh is passionate about seeing people live passionately and loves helping others live out their goals.

Blimey Cow

Messy Mondays is Blimey Cow’s main show, and Josh and his brother Jordan have uploaded an episode (just about) every single Monday since August of 2011. Each week they pick a topic and then try to find the funny within the serious, and vice versa.

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