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Don’t Waste Your Life: 3 Lessons I Wish I Knew When I Was 18

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Jefferson Bethke

Author & YouTuber

August 9, 2018 — 1:45 pm CDT

Young adulthood is your time to experiment. If you really want to find your purpose, you have to try things. Here are the essential life lessons I wish I had known at 18 years old. Instead, I learned them the hard way.

About the Speaker

Jefferson Bethke is a popular YouTuber with a heart to create content which helps young people think and see the world differently. Creator of the viral video Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus, he regularly brings hope and inspiration to over 700,000 viewers. Working together with his wife Alyssa, Jefferson also hosts a monthly marriage workshop to help teach couples about God’s plan for love and marriage.

Jeff and Alyssa

Do you know what your marriage really needs to thrive? Jeff & Alyssa Bethke want to help you create the marriage you’ve always hoped for. Their Monthly Marriage Workshops share inspiration and insight to married couples all over the world.

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